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American Clothing Enterprises partners with diverse manufactures

to bring you apparel production, packaging, full private label.

We offer 35 years of outstanding, expert, sales, marketing, licensing, production of apparel.

We are experts in customs regulations, shipping and imports logistics.

We are experts in communication and follow through!

Our values are integrity first!

Our commitment is to the retail buyer to provide outstanding product at an outstanding price point.



Francis Harder, Founder / President, Fashion Business Incorporated

"Ace, has the knowledge, experience and the personality to get things done and make them happen.

Ace is a go to guy and he has an eye for detail that would be a great addition to any team!”


Richard Stern, VP, JB Financial
“Ace Ross has superior selling and marketing skills.

He understands how to manage customer relationships to attain the best outcome for both the client and his employer. His vision of the marketplace and where his product fits in to the niche

provides Ace with another weapon to use to maximize both sales and profitability.”


Bryan Kang, President, Rhapsody Clothing

“Ace has been well known in garment industry long period time

with his profound knowledge and friendly character.

I‘ve been enjoying his artistic touch when he approach to any subject.

Knowing him for more than 20 years is my honor

that I have who can inspire me by countless virtue with respect.”

Scott Roberts, Robbins Research International, An Anthony Robbins Company

“Ace Ross has been a pro-active, positive communicator, and effective leader for more than 30 years.

He has a unique ability to bring the best out in others and help them maximize their potential.

Ace has a proven track record demonstrating consistent success as a top sales and marketing executive.

He has completed Anthony Robbins Mastery University courses and it has been my honor to be his personal

account representative for more than 10 years. Ace's creative thinking, commitment to high standards,

and diversity of his background would make him a tremendous asset to your organization. "

Scott Roberts
Senior Account Representative
Robbins Research International,
An Anthony Robbins Company”



Ace Ross



TEl: 213/ 884-8448

sales, marketing, brand management

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